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Talk to your children

The subject of child safety scares parents more than it does children.

It is wrong to withhold information designed to enhance a child's safety because of our own denial and superstition. Children have a tremendous capacity to learn and draw conclusions from information that they receive. To raise safety minded children, you must talk to them regularly, not just when there is a breaking news story. If you deny these realities, they will come back to haunt you in one form or another. When it comes to teaching your child the important lessons in life, there is no one more qualified than you. If you do not sensationalize, but speak from a position of compassion and love, we can overcome our fears and regain control of our destiny. There are many non-threatening examples that you can share with your children to teach how to keep themselves safer.

Just remember:

Keep it simple, be creative, and don't be scared. Get smart!


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