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Recently the City of Hitchcock and the Hitchcock Police Department suffered at the wrath of burglar's within the city limits. The police department took a total of 8 residential burglaries in a 10 day period. With limited manpower and financial resources the Hitchcock Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division was having a difficult time determining who the individuals were that were making the citizens feel uncomfortable to leave their homes.

The suspects would target home that they knew were occupied by working class citizens. The police investigator assigned to the cases determined that the suspects would learn the patterns of the homeowner to determine when they were home and when they were not. Once the homeowner would leave the suspects would make entry into the home. The suspects would always work in groups and were particularly interested in jewelry and electronics.

On May 11th the suspects entered into a home and proceeded to remove items by placing them in the living room as a staging point when a relative to the homeowner walked into the home and bravely faced the possibly dangerous suspects. The relative demanded that the suspects leave the residence and without further confrontation the suspects complied.

With the assistance and cooperation of the relative, two of the three suspects were identified, the suspects vehicle was recovered, and the two suspects were arrested and are currently awaiting trial.

 Darias Adkins; Burglary of Habitation; $250,000.00 bond

 Gary Moore; Burglary of Habitation; $100,000.00