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Parent Safety

DNA has been called the fingerprint on the new millennium.

One popular application of DNA technology is sampling for purposes of identification. To that end, many companies now offer DNA collection or sampling kits that cost anywhere from $5.00 - $200.00 per child, depending on whether parents wish to store or process the DNA. Now, for the first time, parents can sample their children's DNA at home, using household products with the full knowledge that the integrity of the product will be maintained.

  • Rub a clean (sterile if possible) cotton swab* on inside of cheek until moist.
  • Let air dry for twenty-four hours.
  • Label with child's name and sample date.
  • When dry, place in Zip-lock bag, then fold and place that Zip-lock bag in another Zip-lock bag. (double seal)
  • Save in freezer until needed.
  • Follow same procedure for blood sample. However, wait until child scrapes or cuts him/herself before taking sample.
  • Save baby teeth in the same manner.

* You can also use sterile gauze or a clean piece of filter paper.


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