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Hitchcock Police Department: UCR Frequently Asked Questions

Uniform Crime Reporting

Items Rating Hits
Are agency populations provided by the Bureau of the Census?   3999
Are there exceptions to the Hierarchy Rule?   4252
For UCR reporting purposes, can a male be raped?   4638
For which categories (e.g., penal, prosecution, arrest, conviction) are statistics collected through the UCR Program?   3688
How can I compare the UCR Program's findings with that of the NCVS?   3771
How can I find out how my city compares to other cities?   4022
How can I find out what statistics and publications the UCR Program has available for public use?   3694
How do UCR and NCVS differ?   4942
I was looking in a table in Crime in the United States, 2003, and didn't see a column to list my city's Crime Index. Why?   3647
Is UCR participation mandatory?   4251
The UCR Program details reported crime. Is there any program in operation which attempts to address unreported crime?   3864
To what extent are crime statistics reported to the UCR Program?   3491
What are classifying and scoring?   4188
What is an exceptional clearance?   6596
What is the Hierarchy Rule?   5112
What is the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program?   3650
When and how was the Program implemented?   4036
Which specific crimes are reported to the UCR Program, and why were these crimes identified for reporting?   3867
Why and how are crimes estimated for publication in Crime in the United States?   3604