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Hitchcock Police Department: Texas Crime Victims Frequently Asked Questions

SANE: Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner

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Are sexual assault exams performed on adults and children?   2505
Does a SANE treat injuries such as broken bones, internal bleeding, cuts requiring stitches, etc.?   2534
Does every community in Texas have a SANE Program?   2737
Does the fifty-six (56) hours include information on all kinds of survivors?   2565
How can an RN become certified, or re-certified as a SANE?   2656
How can I find out whether my community has a SANE Program?   2594
How does a SANE Program benefit a community?   2641
How does a SANE program benefit a sexual assault survivor?   2616
If my community does not have a SANE Program, is there anything I can do to start one?   2603
What does an RN need to do to become a SANE?   2695
What happens during a sexual assault exam?   2676
What information is included in the fifty-six (56) hour training?   2613
What is a rape kit?   2868
What is a SANE?   2897
What is a sexual assault forensic exam?   2615
What is the Sexual Assault Prevention & Crisis Services Program doing to assist medical professionals who work with survivors of sexual assault?   1730
When would a kit not be used?   2665
Who pays for the exam?   2891
Will a SANE know when to use a kit and when not to?   2533